Social Justice and Urban Form,  anthropogenic disturbances of the environment

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Every $50 ton of road salt causes approx. $750 in damage


Down under Spaghetti Junction - crumbling support piers


Little Highlands on the prairie: Norton’s Commons   HERE

Young Country!


Louisville Loop to Shippingport Island -a long hike on a cold day 


TWP - Tire Wear Particulate

Release and Effects on Health & Environment


Filson Club webpage

Early Louisville and the Beargrass Stations by Neal Hammon,  Vol 52 1978


Moving Louisville to a sustainable future

Ride on the Peace Train !   HERE

Solar powered trolley


Coal Combustion Residuals -Coal Ash disposal HB 404 introduced in 2012 Regular Session See article        HERE

BadwaterJournal photographs the Cane Run and Mill Creek coal ash mountains  HERE

HB 2273 in Congress, CSPAN coverage   HERE

Comparing air pollution sources in Metro Louisville   


CO2 and global climate change


MSD IOAP  Green Infra-structure to reduce basin size  HERE

MSD’s delay of Green Infrastructure Projects prolongs CSO agony  


Board shuffle at MSD,   More


Some history of the wastewater treatment agency

Road Salt corrosion of the Sherman Minton bridge  


Corrosion Gallery  HERE

MSD IOAP Open House   HERE

BadwaterJournal attends the  11/29  MSD Wet Weather Team Stakeholder meeting   HERE

Airport Downwind  particulate pollution


Ultrafine air particulate - more toxic  HERE

PART 1 Comments  PM 2.5 Redesignation Request    HERE

Bridges Project 

SDEIS Comments


Demand Transparency

in  the Bridges Project

Louisville’s Air

Pollution Monitor


Air Pollution Control Hearing on PM 2.5   HERE

CSO/SSO Gallery


2011 Photos HERE

Water Quality Can be Saved!


Controlling storm water discharge to the Combined Sewer System  by  green infrastructure  HERE

IOAP  Green Infra-structure to reduce basin size  HERE

I-64  Grinstead - Lexington Road Sewer Overflow Basin     Here 

Regional Transportation Plan HERE

KIPDA webpage: HERE

CART - Explores K&I Bridge Reopening

See K&I photo tour


Tour the Beargrass Creek Greenway at Irish Hill     HERE

Falls of the Ohio HERE

McAlpine Lock  HERE




Mysteries of the

Cumberland River

HERE  and   HERE

Drennon Creek

Beargrass Creek

Floyds Fork

Kentucky River

Harrods Creek 

Utah Excursion


See the 99%

Social Justice

Silent Crisis -


Predatory municipal

code HERE

The New Jim Crow:       HERE

New Orleans at JazzFest 2012 HERE



Beargrass Creek

Grinstead - Lexington Road

CSO 127  Overflow Basin 

Click Here

Smart Rainbarrels


Bashford Manor Basin:

Changes at Bashford Manor on the South Fork at Buechel Branch

Beargrass Greenway Irish Hill:

The showcase greenway to Irish Hill is full of aquatic wildlife albeit pollution tolerant species

Beargrass Channel w/ CSOs:

Collection of shots of the concrete channelized portion of the South Fork with CSOs

Beargrass Main Stem:

From the confluence of the South and Middle Fork to the Ohio River

Big Rock:

Too many unwitting parents bring small children to wade in a septic polluted creek

Butchertown Greenway:

From the Beargrass Creek Pump Station to the Ohio River

Harrods Creek

from the Ohio River up the creek

Lower Middle Fork:

A juvenile Black Crowned Night Heron is born in a creek bed full of septic sewer overflows and a century of industrial waste dumping

Middle Fork:

From eastern county to Buthchertownthe Middle Fork winds through shopping centers and Olmsted Parks

South Fork:

From Buechel Branch to the concrete channel to Butchertown

Effluent Channel:

A nasty CSO contaminated discharge channel to the Middle Fork of Beargrass Creek

Mystery Discharge:

Stinks like sulphurous sewage but MSD says its DOT’s salt contaminated groundwater. See the album from Middle Fork.

Political Structure


Tour the Zorn Avenue water company facility


Clean Water Act Laws:

Some links to CWA laws and a judicial discussion of the scheme of water quality protection Congress enacted.

KY Legislature:

Updated from time to time-- a discussion of Bills with environmental impacts and the law makers who propose them.


The multistate standards setting body is too controlled by industry to make sufficient strides in cleaning up the Ohio River.

MSD: the Agency:

Recent Board of Directors dismissals are another stumble for Louisville’s powerful, politically potent, Metro Sewer Agency

Regional Sewer Commission:

A mega sewer district is being formed that will have authority over multiple counties.

Area Study:

How do you consult with the public about a tidal wave of commercial development in the Floyds Fork watershed?



The Kentucky Waterways Alliance wants to be the leader in the Beargrass Creek volunteer citizen watershed advocacy. Where does KWA come from?


MSD Stormwater Permit:

Too much PR and not enough PRotection


An article about MSD’s lateral sewer extension agreement with Billtown LLC.

Toxic environment


Turf Toxics:

watershed impacts from turf runoff


Backwash Greenwash:

Louisville Water Company is investigating the discharge of filter backwash water into Beargrass Creek

CSO 130 Project:

MSD is meeting stormwater pollution control rules by funding green infrastructure projects that reduce runoff from parking lots and buildings to reduce overflows from CSOs like this one below Story Avenue in Butchertown.

Coal Briquette:

A coal ash reuse industry is coming to westerns Jefferson County.

Road Salt:

“There are real, long term consequences to rock salt’s  use for freshwater systems and soils.”

Tire Story :

Tire wear particulate enters the environment in massive amounts



60 tons of perchlorate containing fireworks will be detonated over the Ohio River

Bad water:

We have to regroup and commit to change, to save ourselves and the environment

Cannot Continue:

Environmental impacts can be additive and cause permanent loss of crucial players in the the ecological scheme


Pump Station:

Land use decisions in the east end Floyds Fork watershed destroy greenspace, cause water pollution.



A photo album of older watershed photos in the Beargrass Creek and Ohio River area



An album of sewer overflow pictures in the Louisville, Kentucky collection system.

Storm water story:

From rainfall to sewer overflow, we follow the water in the South Fork of Beargrass Creek.

Cumberland River:

You have time. Spend a weekend on the Cumberland River below Wolfe Creek Dam

Cumberland Two:

More time on the river

Cliffs of Clifton:

An album of shots from the more than 10 acre park like area between Crescent Hill and I-64

Cliffs Revisited:

The Cliffs of Clifton in Crescent Hill are a multi-acre abandoned quarry and dumpsite titled to the KY Dept of Transportation. Metro Council woman Tina Ward Pugh should organize a team to clean the place up. 

Drennon Creek:

A Kentucky stream in rural Henry County  affords beautiful scenes

Drennon in Winter:

Winter cold locks the creek in ice. Nature has no mercy?

Graffiti Gallery

art on the walls

Manhole Covers:

Person-hole covers?.

Out of Town

California Bloomin

Beautiful Mendocino coast of California in 2011




Social Justice


Social Justice:

Land use decisions in the east end destroy greenspace, cause water pollution and require overstretched public infrastructure. Meanwhile, the urban core is left in decay.


click HERE

Predatory Municipal Property Maintenance Code creates $ 18 million lien on poor folks homes


Metro Council and big auto

$ 10 million Industrial Revenue Bond issue finances Brazilian iron forger  supplier to Ford 


Bridges Project

David Jones demands bridges

Metro Council dances to tycoons tune

Bridge Tolls

Disparate development policy spends $750 million on downtown amenities while poverty increases

East End Bridge:

Flawed Louisville bridges plan puts east end bridge over LWC

drinking water intake. Toxic road runoff over the top of the riverbank filtration project.

Demand Transparency

in the $ 1.12 billion

KY-IN  Bridges Project

Faceless LLC’s profiting as big names push bridges

Mass Transit


moving to sustainable transport

in a North South line

Ride on the Peace Train

cheap overhead electric trolley was part of Old Louisville


Floyds Fork:

An album of photos from Floyds Fork in eastern Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Lower Floyds Fork:

Scenes near the confluence with Salt River near Shepherdsville in Bullitt County.

Harrod’s Creek

A paddle up Harrod’s Creek

where the East End Bridge will cross over

West Water:

Life in Utah’s desert canyons reminds us how essential fresh water is for life.

Dorman Nature Preserve:

A hike along the palisades of the Kentucky River