Part 1 - Kentucky’s Coal  politics and GREEN ‘re-education  program   HERE

Part 2 - Programming the  Environmental Movement  to protect Energy Markets


The Battle for Green Leadership - Faith based social justice organizations - real leaders or real distractions ?   HERE

State grant supported Kentucky Waterways Alliance

green leadership with state government connections


Principled environmental advocate Winnie Hepler

honored by  Kentucky Heartwood


Metro Council and MSD need to pass a CSO Ordinance requiring capture of rainfall instead of letting it overflow the combined sewers  HERE

The Integrated Overflow Abatement Plan pushed by MSD spends too much on giant concrete overflow capture basins   HERE

MSD has transformed its Board and procedure but this article about wet weather planning is still relevant HERE

Population is growing in the eastern Jefferson County watershed of Floyds Fork. The sewer system is expanding with new impacts on water quality  HERE

New impacts to the Hite Creek watershed as the Hite Creek  WWTP expands  HERE

Capturing rainfall to prevent inflow into Louisville’s Combined Sewers  HERE

Toilet water in Beargrass Creek --CSO 127 overflows sewage collected in the Cherokee Triangle neighborhood in wet weather  HERE

New term for SPRAWL is SMART GROWTH see the

Floyds Fork Area Study HERE

AREA DRAINS Local Government’s giveaway to business parking lot operators -- draining acreas of pavement into overflowing sewers    HERE

Little Highlands on the Prairie -  Norton Commons HERE

Fabulous Falls of the Ohio  HERE

The Loop Trail at the McAlpine Locak and Dam on the Ohio River  HERE

Badwater Albums

Multiple pages on local stream pollution impacts


More Albums   HERE

ARCHIVE of older pictures from the watersheds



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